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Cleo is the first drone in the world designed specifically for indoor use. Contrasting currently available drone technology, Cleo’s unique design makes it very small and safe, perfect for applications in enclosed spaces.


Cleo’s unique technology allows for fully enclosed propellers, making it much safer and reliable compared to conventional multicopters.


Cleo’s small size makes it portable and capable of accessing tight spaces such as ducts, doorways, windows, and other openings with ease.


Cleo utilizes a suite of sensors coupled with computer vision allowing it to detect obstacles and operate in GPS denied environments.

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Cleo can be used in emergency situations where it can be deployed for reconnaissance prior to sending emergency personnel in. Cleo provides critical information about dangerous situations allowing officers to assess a situation without endangering lives.


Cleo can autonomously navigate a pre-programmed path, record video for later review, and be viewed remotely through a live stream. Cleo’s safe design allows for surveillance of indoor spaces such as airports, museums, prisons, and even homes.


Cleo’s small size allows it to traverse tight spaces with relative ease and speed. Cleo can fit where other robots can not, allowing it to inspect hard to reach places such as air ducts and pipelines.

We imagine the future, then we create it

Cleo Robotics is developing a revolutionary new drone technology designed specifically for indoor applications. Current drones are not suited for flight in enclosed spaces because of their size and inherent risks due their exposed propellers. We overcame these problems through our unique patent pending technology, which also makes Cleo 70% smaller than other drones of comparable functionality.

In the media

"With all of the moving parts so well protected, it seems like it has to be much more durable than anything with exposed rotors."
– IEEE Spectrum
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"The Cleo drone is different from others on the market. This could be a game-changer, with drones finally finding a mainstream audience."
– Digital Trends
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"They trimmed the fat that the average consumer doesn’t care about. Think of it as the point and shoot of camera drones."
– Yahoo
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