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Charting Innovation with Cleo Co-Founder Simon Czarnota: Builder Nation Podcast

The Cleo Dronut with Simon Czarnota and Builder Nation

Cleo recently sat down with Builder Nation to discuss the Cleo Dronut. Join us as we explore the remarkable journey of innovation, from concept to practical applications, and the potential for Dronut to reshape industries and government operations.

The Genesis of Innovation: Turning Convention Upside Down

Imagine a world where drones fearlessly explore hazardous spaces. That’s where Dronut’s story begins. Traditional drones have safety limitations. This journey started with a simple question: What if the convention is flipped? This led to a drone challenging the status quo.

This concept evolved from a prototype to something remarkable. What sets Dronut apart is its patented thrust vectoring technology, redefining drone capabilities and safety. 

Simon Czarnota emphasizes Dronut’s innovative approach, is solving real-world problems in the drone industry. Our team’s innovation fuels this project, believing it can revolutionize industries. The feature is patented thrust vectoring tech, enabling precise control in complex environments, making it a game-changer in drones.

Navigating Innovation: Dronut’s R&D Journey

Behind every groundbreaking idea lies a challenging journey. Dronut was no different. As Simons shares, the research and development phase proved an exhilarating learning experience. The founders, with diverse software, electrical, and mechanical engineering backgrounds, embarked on this venture into aerodynamics, recognizing the immense challenge and potential.

A significant hurdle was crafting control systems for the drone’s unique features. Czarnota tells us how the breakthrough came with the development of retractable flaps, an ingenious solution for flight control. The key here was leveraging existing technology wherever possible, avoiding unnecessary reinvention. This showcases the beauty of innovation, often blending the old with the new.

By adopting a pragmatic approach, Dronut avoids superfluous reinvention. The development process streamlines, benefiting from proven solutions in areas such as control systems and software. It underscores the wisdom of building upon existing knowledge rather than starting from scratch.

Dronut’s evolution through multiple generations is remarkable. Each iteration aimed to improve capabilities, size, and performance, resulting in a highly efficient drone capable of carrying substantial payloads and adapting to diverse scenarios. It showcases the team’s unwavering dedication to advancement.

Current Use Cases: Industry Revolution 

Dronut’s impact is significant in practical applications, targeting industries requiring cutting-edge technology. It excels in confined space inspections at sites like power plants and warehouses, improving precision and safety by eliminating open propellers. 

In the realm of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), Dronut shines, offering real-time insights in law enforcement to enhance safety and efficiency before entering potentially dangerous situations. Security remains a driving force behind Dronut’s development, particularly in high-risk spaces, providing a safer alternative to traditional inspection methods and prioritizing worker and equipment well-being. 

While the primary focus is on industry and government, mentioning the consumer market suggests potential expansion, demonstrating a long-term vision for the technology.

Building a Successful Business: Simon emphasizes that building a successful business is more than just making a product. He advises young entrepreneurs to understand that while building something is rewarding, it’s only a tiny part of the journey. The key takeaway is that entrepreneurship involves various aspects, such as talking to investors, marketing, and managing the business.

Advice for Entrepreneurs from Simon Czarnota: “The more you overcomplicate something. The more time, effort it’s going to take to develop it”

Simon’s journey from college to successfully launching Cleo Robotics highlights the importance of persistence and dedication. Starting a company takes time, and it’s essential to remain committed even when the results aren’t immediate.

He suggests that aspiring entrepreneurs should venture into entrepreneurship promptly. They should have the foresight to recognize the various challenges and tasks of running a startup. Awareness of what lies ahead, including raising funds and hiring, is crucial for long-term success.

Simon mentions that he believes in being a self-learner, underscoring the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the fast-paced world of technology and entrepreneurship.

This interview was brought to you by Builder Nation, the community of Hardware leaders developing world-changing products, and sponsored by ControlHub, the purchasing software for hardware companies.”

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