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Leading the field in robotic innovation

The first of its kind, the Cleo Dronut is the first portable and intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle to successfully commercialize ducted fan technology. With no exposed propellers and patented thrust vectoring mechanism, the Dronut is deployed with SpaceX, Chevron, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the US Army, and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Our goal is to eliminate manned entry into dangerous, hazardous and difficult to reach environments.

Our Story

Our founders, Omar Eleryan and Simon Czarnota, got their start in the oil and gas industry, where they got first hand experience in how dangerous, expensive and inefficient inspecting confined spaces can be. Determined to make these inspections safer, better and faster, they founded Cleo Robotics to build unconventional robots that can operate in the most challenging and most dangerous environments across all industries to solve a myriad of problems. 

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