Dronut® X1

The first UAV designed specifically for GPS-denied environments

Go Where No Drone Has Gone Before

The Dronut® is the world’s first bi-rotor ducted drone designed to operate where other robots cannot. With high maneuverability, sophisticated sensors, and advanced algorithms, the Dronut® can live stream high-definition video and collect LiDAR data in the ultra confined spaces and challenging environments.
4k Camera
Lidar Powered Obstacle Avoidance
Replaceable Battery
Image Tagging
Minimal Training

Unprecedented Access

Revolutionary Technology

Unprecedented Design

Unlike traditional drones, the Dronut®'s ducted fan design allows it to fly comfortably near people, in tight spaces, and around sensitive equipment. Meticulously engineered for efficiency and safety, the Dronut® will save you time, money, and even save lives.

Cutting-Edge Software and Control

With a controller that integrates directly with an app on your smart phone, the Dronut® has a truly intuitive, dynamic pilot interface that is easy to use and easy to set up
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Smart Controller

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The Cleo App

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Operate Around Sensitive Equipment

With its ducted-fan design, the Dronut® can fly near sensitive equipment without posing a risk to itself or its surroundings.


No exposed propellers and a frame build from composite materials means the Dronut® is tough and ready for duty.

No Training

Using its cutting edge autonomy suite, the Dronut® requires little to no training allowing the operator to focus on the task at hand and let the Dronut do the flying.

Made in the USA

The Dronut® is proudly designed and made in the USA, and is NDAA compliant.


At 19cm x 10cm, and only 400g, the Dronut® is easy to transport from site to site, and quick to set up.

Encrypted Communication

Never worry that your data will be intercepted or stolen as you record inspections or video. All video feeds and streaming are sent over secure, encrypted connection.


Dronut® X1

Weight 15.5 oz
Dimensions 6.5" x 4"
Max speed 4 m/s (software limited)
Wind speed 15 km/h
Flight time 12 mins
Charge time 40 mins
Perch & stare duration 60 mins
Wireless link Wifi
Range (environment dependent) 300 feet
Operating frequency 2.4 GHz
Remote controller Android phone
Battery type Rechargeable and


Sensor payload 4k camera
Global shutter camera
Stream resolution HD (1280x960)
Stream frame rate 30 fps
Field of view 100 deg
Autonomy Auto position hold
Obstacle detection
Hovering accuracy < 0.1m


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